Chilean Pisco in Germany
Where to find Chilean pisco in Germany?

Chilean Pisco
Pisco is characteristic of the historical and cultural heritage of Chile. Chilean Pisco is the proud guardian of a more than 300-year history of effort and perseverance. The history of Pisco, Chile and its people are highly interwoven.

Chilean Pisco can only be made in two specific regions of Chile, the Atacama and the Coquimbo regions in the north. Its Denomination of Origin (1931) is the oldest in all of America.

The Pisco producers keep alive the oldest traditions of the master Pisco makers, creating a quality product that makes Chileans proud and is a reflection of five hundred years of history of the whole country.

Discover where to buy an uniquely pure Chilean pisco in Germany:

Pisco MalPaso
Pisco MalPaso Reservado was chosen as the best Pisco of the year in Chile 2018.

The family owned company looks back five generations, after the great-great-grandfather of the current manager purchased the 'Hacienda MalPaso' at the end of the 19th century.

MalPaso currently produces three different varieties of Pisco from different grapes and with different methods, but all Piscos benefit from the unique terroir of the farm at the foot of the over 6.000m high Chilean Andes.
Pisco Waqar
An ultra-premium Chilean pisco Waqar is made using especially elaborated Muscat wine that derives from hand-picked harvesting of Muscat grapes. The quality of Pisco lies in a Camposano´s family distillation culture which has been handed down from father to son, for over five generations.

Pisco Waqar offers fresh white fruit aromas, pear and white flowers, with a subtle note of orange blossom that makes it greatly sophisticated and intensive.

95 points in Wine Enthusiast, Best Unaged Spirit in San Francisco, Gold Medal Winner of the Pisco category of the Drinks International Spirits Challenge 2013, Gold Medal in Berlin 2018.
Pisco El Gobernador
The name 'El Gobernador' refers to Felipe Margutt Donaire, the governor of Ovalle province, who helped Chile fight for its independence.

El Gobernador pisco is produced in the city of Ovalle in the Coquimbo Region of Chile.

The pisco is completely clear, with touches of silver, and is made from a blend of two muscat grape varieties, Rosé and Alexandria.

The pisco is more fruity than most piscos with subtle floral hints and may be enjoyed with lime or other citrus fruits.
Pisco Control
Pisco Control was founded in 1931 in the Limarí Valley in the Coquimbo Region of Chile.

Pisco Control is the only pisco that is distilled three times in copper alembics, helping to create a pure and transparent pisco.

Pisco is mainly made from the grapes Pedro Jimenez and Moscatel. These grapes originate from the Limarí Valley in Chile, a land inhabited by the Diaguita people, known for their worship to the sun.

In the Limarí Valley there are up to 300 days of sun a year, an element that is essential for the production of pisco.
Pisco Bauzá
Bauzá Pisco is one of the oldest, most traditional and prestigious Chilean Pisco distilleries.

A Mallorcan immigrant (Don Lorenzo Bauzá) founded the distillery in Santiago, Chile in 1925.

Pisco Bauzá has already been named multiple times as the world's best Pisco and is the Best Chilean Pisco 2019.

In the German market you can find Bauzá as Pisco Bauzá Reservado, the Pisco Bauzá Crystal and Pisco Bauzá Aniversario.
Pisco Capel
Capel Pisco comes from the idyllic location of Elqui Valley, where the dry desert conditions and the water from the Andes help the Pisco grape vines to grow.

In order to get the perfect Pisco, Pisco Capel undergoes double distillation that helps to obtain a pure and elegant Pisco, making it perfect for mixing.

After the distillation process Pisco is resting in oak barrels for around 11 months, which is visible in the Pisco's light yellow color and its delicate notes of wood and tannins.
Pisco Alto del Carmen
Alto del Carmen is Capel's premium brand.

The origin of this Pisco is the Huasco valley because in this region there is a chain of hills, whose summit is called Alto del Carmen.

The Alto del Carmen Pisco is made from 100% Rosa-Moscatel grapes and then aged in American oak barrels.

Pisco Mountainbyrd
Pisco from a family distillery has been dedicated to quality without exception for four generations.

The vines of organically cultivated vineyards are the oldest Pisco vines in Chile with an average age of 75 years.

For the mountainbyrd Gran Pisco only the must of the first pressing is used, which is allowed to ferment exclusively by the naturally existing yeast.

Destillation in copper stills, whose exact construction is a closely guarded family secret.

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